Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Penciptaan LEGO Terbesar

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10. Lego Guitar Hero This is a nice replica of a ’82 Legocaster made famous by Motley Crue in their video Dr. Stackgood. No seriously though, this guitar, like many...
lego guitar hero

10. Lego Guitar Hero

lego cello9. Lego Cello

lego giraffe

8. Lego Giraffe

lego pc

7. Lego PC

lego robot skull

6. Lego Robot

lego mt rushmore

5. Lego Mt. Rushmore

lego shoes

4. Lego Shoes

lego sports arena

3. Lego Sports Arena

lego formula one

2. Lego Formula 1

And Finally…

lego yellow man 

1. Lego Yellow Guy

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