Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cover it in Rope.

A little trend I am seeing and liking.  It could be considered Nautical or even Cowboy, it's Rope.
Glue it on a plastic urn to create this look.
Martha Stewart  

Have an ugly lamp?  Slap some rope on it and Ta Dah.  New and improved Lamp.


Add some texture to your table scape by covering one of the vases or even up-cycle a bottle to create this great look.
Martha Stewart, found Here.

Maybe you have a piece of mirror laying around the house and a glue gun.  You find some  rope in the garage and this is what you create. 
Image found Here.  Instructions found Here.
 This kind of stuff I like to call making a silk purse from a sow's (pig) ear.  I know that sounds gross, but that's how we talk in Texas.  Now go on and start gluing some rope on something.  Enjoy, Heidi

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