Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best of Heidi Claire 2010.

As I flip through my pics that have been posted throughout the year I am astonished with the beauty that was created by so many talented people.  What a year.  Enjoy, Heidi

Favorite pool

                   House Beautiful                               Post title-Peace out.

Favorite Bed Room

Bella Casa Design                            Post title-Sweet dreams Guareteed

Favorite Bathroom

                                                     Image unknown   post title-Bathroom Bliss

Favorite Living Room

                                       Southern Accents             Post title- Beaming with Joy.

                                 Favorite Garden

                                           Southern Accents  post title Life is but a dream

Favorite Post
                                               Chateau Domingue    Post title-Castle Decorating
Favorite outdoor room

        House Beautiful                  Post title-Out door Romance

Blogger's Favorite Wall paper and my favorite table

Canadian House and Home                Post Title-The Trestle Table

Favorite House

Atlanta Homes and Life styles                             Post title-My heart going Boom Boom Boom.

Favorite Kitchen

Tommy Smythe              Post title- Tommy Smythe

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