Friday, October 7, 2011

Blue and White are the BFFs of the color world.

Forever these two colors will be great together, plus they  love more friends to join them. 
They are easy going kinda colors.  Enjoy your weekend.  Love, Heidi

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1 comment:

  1. ASELOLE...B& W are BFF'S of the color world....
    Seriously, how long did you think you could possibly keep this up with ASELOLE.
    And BLUE & WHITE?
    We all know about TABLEPA and BLEGISEA .
    And we know about BLUE IDEA with REGIS and LOU.
    DASSAULT and IRA told us long ago and EF- FF- EFFICOG , too.
    And JONES got nailed with all the books from COLES.
    And that brought down CASA DONASA- DON- KIZ.
    LOWE in OREGON is really " old hat" and LARRY to RUTH are so " PLO"...
    RISA - BERRIRO all GE and chattering and that doesn't even include HOLLYWOOD 's TAR & STING.