Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Island Time

I ran away to the beach this past weekend.  After all of that working, I needed to LIVE.  Work to Live, not Live to work.  My new motto I learned from watching all of the Great Australian Oprah Episodes.  This is what was the difference between Americans and Aussies.  Americans Live to Work and Aussies Work to Live.  Any Who.  A beach house is in my future.  Here are a few ideas I am throwing around.  Enjoy, Heidi
Plenty oil painting of the Ocean.  Image Via Bonesteel Trout Hall

Cozy places for R&R  Found Here

Nothing fussy Kitchen.  Image Via Phoebe Howard

Great use of space for all the kids to come.  Image Via Elle Decor

                                                    Bamboo, Sea shells and Sun Light.  Image Via Tim Clarke

                                        Navy Blue and White.    Image Via Stuart Membery

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