Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ebb and Flow of Life.

Yesterday, I kept pondering the quote, "Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should".  It helped, I also unglued myself from the news and spent some time with my son, potting up some new plants we recently purchased.  I bought my first Meyer Lemon tree and have had it in my home for the past few days, the fragrance from the blossoms is magnificent.  I cooked chicken and broccoli, a recipe I found over at Annie's Eats and it was delish.  So what I am trying to say is, "Keep calm and carry on".  I made a donation, said many prayers, added a link on my blog for Japan.  Now, I just need to be the best me I can be and do what I do, because that is what makes the world go round.  I spent some time (5 to 10 minuets) at the home of Sting and his wife, Trudie while I was pondering the Universe.  A beautiful Tuscan farm near Florence, that over looks the Valdarno Superiore valley.  Breath taking.  Enjoy, Heidi

 Wisteria vining up the arbors, star jasmine growing on the walls and agapanthus blooming all around, these plants are easy and beautiful.
 Italian cypress tress, box woods and lavender were everywhere. (easy plants for Texas as well)

                                                     List of things to do: Learn to play chess.
                                Check out the old olive trees in the back.  Olive trees grow very well in Texas too
and..... several hundreds perhaps thousands have been planted on the farms around Burton. (where I live)
                                        This view reminds me of the Claire Valley in South Australia. 
Oh yeah, this is Italy.
                                                        Dining Al Fresco.
The perfect pool, the perfect view.  I think all I need is a Sangria.
All images via Architectural Digest.

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