Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!

Hope you get a kick out of the products I found for you today.  Enjoy, Heidi

Candelabra birthday candles by Urban Outfitters

Brush you teeth with cat or dog vomit, twice a day.

Blow bubbles as you scrub your pots.

A clock that knits while keeping time.  Found here

Wall tentacle           Found Here

A bus for your cat.

Guess What?  Chicken Butt! shirt.              Found Here   

Porcelain cans

I don't have words.

Brass knuckles for the crazy bride.

Cactus chair

Door mat  that complements you.

Gift complaint form.  found here.   I should get this for my brother, his birthday is today.

Barbie Boob necklace.

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags
theft prevention Sandwich bag  by Urban outfitters

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