Monday, March 7, 2011

Wish List

                A Rose covered chicken coop, filled with chickens. Found Here

A garden full of all my favorite flowers & organic veggies.  Found Here

A pretty hammock to lie under a giant shade tree and read or nap.
Found Here

This wicker basket that is big enough for an ice chest, from Ikea to keep my drinks cold and look pretty at the same time.    Found Here

This bicycle to ride around with my husband and little boy, plus save some gas and save the planet.
Found Here

This Thing-a-ma-jiggy to cut wood for my outdoor living room fireplace.
Found Here

                                                                     Country Living

Found Here.   This little number to where while I swim....

                                      Here                     Austin Patterson Disston

or Here

or maybe, Here

Oh look!!!  There I am,  just kidding.  I got a bit carried away.
Image via Vanity Fair and that is the beautiful Kirsten Dunst.

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