Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 15 Most Expensive Pets In The World

Why would anybody make a chart of the top most expensive pets available for the general public? Simply because over the years the human kind was seduced by the perspective of  owing the most spectacular beings available to own.
This is why, rare types of monkeys, snake world curiosities, cloned dogs and engineered cats are all part of the world’s most expensive pets to own.
The rarities like Blue Mutation Amazon, or white lions are turned into a huge flow of money by gene manipulation, whereas cats resulted from crossing domestic species with wild ones are surely the result of an odd trend of owing something completely unique.
Owing such an expensive pet is surely not the thing you would see on a regular animal lover.

1. Squirrel Monkey $3000

squirrel monkey

2.Chinese Crested Hairless Dog $5,000

chinese crested hairless dog

3. Missy The Most Expensive Holstein $1,200,000


4. The Bengal Cat $3,000

bengal cat

5. The Cavalier King Spaniel $500,000

cavaliar king spaniel

6. Tibetan Mastiff $582,000

tibetan mastiff

7. The Snow Macaque $3,500

snow macaque

8. The Savannah Cat $10,000

savannah cat
9. The Lavender Albino Python – $20,000
lavender albino python

10. White Lion Cub $138,000

white lion cub

11. The Stag Beetle $89,000

stag beetle

12. Hyacinth Macaw $12,000

hyacinth macaw

13. Blue Mutation Amazon $20,000

blue mutation amazon

14. Chimpanzee $ 50,000


15. Lancelot Encore $155,000

lancelot encore

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