Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 Hewan berwarna Paling indah

When Earth was young and species came to be, the opportunity of being the most awesome looking creature was something conditioned by evolution. The beauty of evolution is that the animals of the planet adapted themselves out of the need to be safe.
That need made the evolution turn them into colorful creatures, looking amazingly fascinating because of the way they make the eye rejoice when looking at them; and most of all the jewels on the crown of the beautiful Earth.

Birds of Paradise – the moon, the forest and the sun in the same bird

birds of paradise

Scarlet Macaw – the nature’s canvas painted by a master painter

Scarlet Macaw

Painted Bunting – colors beyond perfection

painted bunting

Keel-Billed Toucans – the most amazing contrast

Keel-Billed Toucans

Wood duck – the most complex design and color texture

wood duck


Red Lined Torpedo Barb – perfectly detailed elegance

Red Lined Torpedo Barb

Pearl Gourami laced delicacy with beautiful contrastive line

Pearl Gourami

Clown Loach lovely contrast on funny looking fish

Clown Loach

Freshwater Angelfish – the sky blue descended in the water

Freshwater Angelfish

Red Devil Cichlid – sweet looking difference on male and female

Red Devil Cichlid


Okapi – unique color and design


Mandrills – the warrior with a splendid looking face


Red Panda – the cuteness given by the contrasting colors

Red Panda

Collies – perfectly colored to win hearts



Brazilian Rainbow Boa – seductive pattern

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Emerald tree boa – outstanding green

Emerald tree boa

Mexican milk snake – lines and lines and lines

Mexican milk snake

Bitis Nasicornis – the most amazing patterned viper

Bitis Nasicornis

Eastern Blackneck Garter Snake – complex pattern and contrast

Eastern Blackneck Garter

Blue coral snake – extreme color combination

Blue coral snake
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