Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Speed Boat Untuk Race Pada Samudera

As race boats go, speed is not a secret. However the beauty of a slick boat able to reach amazing speed is not something we get to see every day.
The luxury world encourages daring people to push forward the concept of high speed boats. The motive behind this is simple and ultimately related to the burning human need to conquer the waters.
The fastest boats are the result of the superb engineering that combines sails, engines and progressive design into a wonder navigating the waters at a mind blowing speed.

Andrew Bedov – An Almost Magical Creation

andrew bedov

L’Hydroptère – The Flying Wonder


Groupama 3 – The Delightful Design

groupama 3

Sodeb’0 – A Dream On The Waters


Porshe RFF135 – Elegance Made By Porsche

porsche rff 135

Gitana 13 – A Gipsy Queen Speeding On The Waves

gitana 13

IDEC – Redefining The Trimaran speed


Earthrace – The Jewel For The Earth Lovers

earth race

Mari –Cha IV – The Grace Beyond Recognition

mari cha iv

World Is Not Enough – Fast And Daring Adventure

world is not enough

Bladerunner 35 GT4 – The Fastest

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